First Saurfang Encounter and fun for Druids of all kinds

December 28, 2009 at 8:45 pm (Raiding)

I finally was on when my guild attempted Saurfang the other night and got to attempt some new and exciting things.

One observation I noticed was that this fight is harder than the 3 previous by a large margin. Lord Marrowgar is utterly easy after the multiple nerfs to make tanking easier. Lady Deathwhisper is easy once DPS understands who they are supposed to attack. The ship fight while fun is easiest of all i think. On any of these boss fights our group did not take too many attempts to understand and beat.  Then comes the tiny guy.

     This guy is small and does not look imposing at first glance. Even after he begins to attack the tanks its not very bad.  We had a good setup each and every time. Then those silly adds just created havoc. It is not the add’s damage but trying to stay away from them while healing/dpsing and at the same time staying away from your fellow raiders. 

    It got to the point where I got to try out my non-geared boomkin spec to include some typhoon for crowd control. We began to do better, but DPS was bad (probably because I was doing an awful 1500 DPS). I think our best attempt was 10% or so.

      I do have a new respect for boomkin and think I will try to seriously duel spec for it in the future. I will write about my boomkin progression after I get some practice.


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  1. Pheadra said,


    We one shot it tonight…! What is wrong with us that we can wipe for four hours one night and then walk in the next night and wam-bam-thank-you-ma’am him the next.

    I hope you’re enjoying your snowy fun. Amanda’s account got hacked, then banned because the hacker apparently effected the economy enough to get Blizz really pissed. So tonight we PuGd a healer…and Punch has become my new healing buddy. Come back soon, or you’ll loose all your leaves!!

    P.S. The trash in the new wing of ICC is a pain, but very funny. You’ll see 😛

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