December 28, 2009 at 8:59 pm (Resto Druid Mechanics)

Woo hoo two posts in one day I must be really bored at work.

I would like to discuss the biggest change to resto druids since 3.3 which is haste. Every since the gift of the earth nerf all I see in druid blogs is “go get more haste”. I am curious if I am one of the few who really does not see it? I do notice that my timing is a little off because of the haste nerf. But not enough where my healing is really suffering. I am not going to go into equations and numbers but more the feeling of it. In the long run we are losing around .3 s on casting time which is not make or break at the moment. I am not going to lose my raid healing ability from that because I don’t just roll rejuvs, I’m a bit more situational.

I have read I still like stacking spellpower more on the gems because it make my heals bigger and stronger. Am I wrong to go this route?


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