Finishing up Ulduar

December 29, 2009 at 6:14 pm (Raiding)

     My guild has been decently strong in 10 mans; we have cleared through ICC and have even gotten Northrend Beasts down in ToTGC. But we have yet to down Yogg.  When 3.2 came out we just kind of gave up running into Ulduar. This has changed recently. We really want to get the full clear and to do that we need to down the Yoggster.

So last night we start on Mimiron (we had cleared up to him earlier in the week). It is such an easier fight and only took us two tries with many people who had not done it before. Then comes wonderful General V. I swear the worst part about that fight is the running back to it on a wipe and we did wipe a few times. This was a new fight for a few of the guildies who came along and we had a few issues on those silly life leeches. We wiped 3 times in which we were fighting for a good few minutes yet it didnt seem like we didn’t even make a dent. Finally, something clicked and he stopped getting healed up. After making it look so hard for an hour we somehow made it look exceptionally easy. Here are some notes I made for myself as a resto.

-Wild Growth is just great on this fight when there are multiple range. I just have to remember to wait while the ranged assemble themselves on the shadow crash puddle then heal efficiently.

-Trust your other healer. We were doing this with me and a pally healer. The first few tries I would try to keep the tank hotted with rejuv at least to assist the other healer. i found it easier to save my heals and just go heal the tank while the pally was looking for the green cloud.

-Finally, let the HOTS do the work. I know it is difficult to see people with 25% health knocked off but the rejuv will heal them enough if I let it. I was only using Regrowth when clearcasting was active.

      We had just enough time to try Yoggster 3 times before we called the night. unfortunately we had those wonderful phase one issues where there were adds all over the place. Getting used to this phase will come with time. We were only able to push into phase 2 once and that was with 3 adds still up. I don’t think we had one attempt in phase one where at least 4 extra guys were spawned :-(. We have extended the raid ID and hopefully I will be writing later this week about Yoggy finally being defeated. Maybe I’ll even try to take a video of it. I do enjoy this fight because no one is being carried.


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