Helping one, Helps everyone.

January 14, 2010 at 2:32 pm (Raiding)

My pally healing buddy recently started a series on guild progression and building a strong raid team. You can read this at I wasn’t to add my own 2 cents today in speaking about how to improve your guild and raid team.

I really only began raiding in Wrath when I had joined a guild called abyss on my server. It began as a fun group of people who seemed to work really well together. So we progressed while having fun. I wouldn’t have considered myself a very strong raider at the time. I was a fury warrior and really only knew about my rotation. I did not know how I should gem or set up my talent tree to provide the greatest benefit to the group. I believed socket bonuses were important even if I had to take a stamina gem. Also, I was so new to raiding I did not understand boss mechanics and as DPS I had to avoid certain things to make life easier on our healers. I am sure others considered me a bad raider at the time. Looking back I do not think I was bad, just uninformed. I would have improved my gems, enchants and spec if I even knew what I was doing. I needed a mentor.

Back to the present. I now know very much about my class as a Druid Healer and Fury Warrior. I even know where to search for theorycrafting info on all classes. I know buffs and abilities of multiple classes. I even know boss mechanics pretty well and have a much easier time understanding new bosses. Now I am the one who gets kind of annoyed with bad raiders who may be slowing us down in our progression. But just like me some of these players just may need some help.

The other day I leant some advice to a raider in our guild. He had just begun serious raiding a month or two ago and has been coming into ICC with us. He does middle of pack DPS and has some issues with mechanics at times. The problem with his DPS is that he was a hunter and could do so much better especially with his higher than 5k gearscore. He had been feeling kind of let down because he knew that people were less then pleased with his performance. I approached him as I wish I was and began throwing ideas his way. No, I did not say “you suck, do this”. I just let him know that he was doing well and just think how much better off he could be doing if he went MM. He was told what to gem for and I pointed him to some very nice hunter blogs that gave him a proper rotation. This hunter took the suggestions to heart and changed everything around. Last night(in one day) he improved to the top of our DPS, it also gave him confidence that appeared to help him with understanding boss mechanics (don’t know how that happened exactly).

He is learning and listening which is all that can be asked of a good raider.

Now I just have get him to start bringing flasks to raid :-/.

So now I am thinking that to help build our guild we can take some of these players who have been marginal in the past and help them with positive reinforcement. We have a progression raiding mentality but not the players. I think to grow we take in some of these players and help them succeed to come raid with us in the future. It should be easy to pick the ones who will listen and work hard to become better raiders.


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January 4, 2010 at 12:54 pm (Raiding)

Here is a picture of what my UI looks like for you too see.  Yes it is kind of cluttered now. I am hoping to get pitbull or the like in the future to get rid of the left side. I focus most on grid anyhow.  I use clique and keybinds for most spells.

As I make changes I will update this photo.

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