Last Nights Raid

February 22, 2010 at 3:33 pm (Raiding)

So I was able to get into our 10 man ICC raid last night which turned out to be pretty productive. We started off by flying through Festergut in under an hour and a half. Through that we had 2 deaths and no fights had to be explained to anyone which really helped. We eventually wiped once on rotface then came back and took him down handily. Next was the exciting Blood Council.

I still have no clue what is going on in this fight. As a healer all i do is avoid staying close to people while running all over the place to heal the many tanks and DPS while they run from boss to boss. I also avoid any balls of flame or white things on the ground. I am hoping that each time I go in I get a better understanding. Luckily my “noobness” didn’t stop us and we only wiped once on the council.

Next we decided to clear a wing and take out the queen. This fight gave us the most trouble for the night because of the coordination needed in the biting. We wiped a few times when 4 people were attempting to bite others. As a healer this fight has some constant raid damage with spikes in damage to tank and those dps who have boss abilities on them. I was able to get in the groove where I would attempt to keep up constant rejuv on everyone. I would then WG one of the targets that is chained to the other so that they both get healed as they run together. Other than that I use SW and Regrowth as needed. After we got the bites coordinated she went down pretty easily.

In our last 30 minutes we tried dreamwalker a few times. I was very excited for this fight because it is healer focused.  We attempted it 3 times with a pally going through the portals. Me and a Shammy were staying out and healing. In all 3 wipes i think we were running into the mini enrage at about 7 minutes in. It is a difficult fight to get used to, I do enjoy throwing the boss some HOTS during the encounter. Every write-up I have read on this fight speaks about boss healer and raid healer etc. I have a new proposition though for druids. How about we do both? That way one healer in the portal, one healer out and one going back and forth. I say druids for this because of HOTS. As a druid just hot up everyone including the boss then go in the portal. If you do not have rapid rejuv then those HOTS should last just long enough for you to be in the portal. Then you come out of the portal throw a quick WG out on the raiders and HOT up the boss. I think this is good for a few reasons. Your HOTS will be getting larger and larger towards the end, like 15k a tic at time. Also you can make it so 1 healer doesn’t make or break the process. During last nights raid if the stacks fell off our boss heals, it was over. So what do you think about this plan?


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