Cataclysm Thoughts

January 4, 2011 at 4:45 pm (Raiding, Resto Druid Mechanics, Uncategorized)

Yay, I am back. 

    It has been awhile but I have had a wonderful new edition to my family and have been busy.

He is a joy.

     I wanted to make some quick comments regarding my Druid and his resto abilities. 

I began my dungeon experiences like most healers in that I was running low on mana constantly. There were two reasons for this.

     – Mana regen is just about non existant and spells cost lots.

     – I still had not learned exact healing style of the new xpac.

I used rejuv too much and am way too impatient when it comes down to waiting for nourish to cast so that I could heal the tank for a measly 6k just to refresh the Lifebloom. I felt that while my heal was being cast the tank was taking more damage then was going to be healed and DPS were getting hit hard as well. This got better as my mana and regen improve and after I finally started casting some spells specifically on clearcasting procs. This was a great save for my mana. Now at 346 gear levels I rarely run out of mana during a fight unless something terrible has happened. I am finally ready for raiding.

I am a bit unhappy about what I’ve heard about raiding as a resto druid and that we just dont have the toolset to heal multiple targets for big chunks. We have WG and Eff that can do aoe healing. Frankly those are pretty week spells in themselves and dont do more that 20k healing over something like 8 secs. If DPS is taking consistent damage good luck trying to heal raid damage with these two aoe spells. They are strong together but they cannot be spammed for constant damage and are HoT effects so are not able to bring anyone back from the Brink. I actually really miss being able to give out multiple lifeblooms all the time. Just imagine the aoe heal potential I could have by timing LBs to Bloom at a heavy damage period.

Anyhow those were just some quick thoughts.  I am under the impression that Blizzard will buff resto druids in some way soon, just dont know what it is. What are your thoughts?


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