Checking in on Dragons and Pandas

October 31, 2011 at 2:31 pm (Raiding)


     Sorry its been awhile since I have posted anything.  I have been busy with life and work.

  To this date I have currently completed FL raid on reg mode and defeated heroic Aly and Domo.  I hacve joined a wonderful guild on my server that runs a pretty tight 10 man group twice a week. They have allowed me to come as a please and if they need a healer they bring me along.  It works out for all parties it seems. The reason I like this group is that they don’t raid much, but when they do they know their stuff.  There is no wasting time getting organized each night and people don’t usually die to stupid stuff. 

 Firelands is a nice raid.  I dont think it is much tougher then IIC fights in general.  The problem I am beginning to see is that it appears player skill has gotten so much worse. There are never any PUGs anymore for raiding on my server and if there are they do not go anywhere.  As a healer I can at least try to give a better comment on that.  On my alt on the server I was in a PUG on Nef.  This is post nerf only last weekend. After 2-3 ours there was absolutely no progress and only 1 real push into phase 3. The problem was not how much DPS we could push because at no point were we pushing enrage issues. Most of the time we died on phase 1.  That is a problem and people would die because the heals were weak and some DPS decided to stand next to ony every…single…time. It’s like they weren’t watching damage they were taking. I know a few deaths were due to those DPS. Now, for the healing issues. it just wasnt there, tanks were dying too much.  We had 2 druids who seemd to feel like Lifebloom was a total optional spell. They would push into late phase 1-2 and being to complain about mana.  I would mention how great LB is at healing tanks and providing that mana.  There was no acknowledgment from them or change in their healign style. They just beat against the same brick wall without trying to change and improve themselves through methods, just hitting buttons harder.

So in summation please do what you can to learn.  It helps your game as a whoel because you dont waste time and you actually kill things. Also, sometimes when people make comments in raid they might be trying to help.


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