The Tree I am

Hello Everyone,

     My name is Mondka ( and I am a resto druid on the Trollbane server. I consider myself a casual progression raider. If you don’t know what that is let me explain. I enjoy raiding and progressing in endgame instances yet don’t have the time four nights in a week. This means I am usually able to raid 2-3 nights on average. I still do more than just raiding, but job and family comes first.

     Currently I am in a guild that is farming all the regular instances and just dips our feet into the Heroics and has been able to down at least one boss in 10 man TotGC.

I consider myself a strong raider because I try to keep tabs on all the newest resto druid theories and stats. I am also attempt to keep myself informed of the UIs that are full of awesomeness (Grid + Clique for FTW). I’m sure I will post UI picks eventually.


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  1. Pheadra said,

    I’ve started a blogging craze! Haha. This is great mond, I’m really excited to read more of your stuff! Check out for writing stuff and blog ideas. post an introduction when you’re ready! See you tonight for da raid!

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